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Defenders of Wildlife


Access to Courts

Congress has repeatedly included "citizen suit" and private attorney general provisions in numerous environmental, civil rights, and other laws in order to ensure that essential legal safeguards are upheld and enforced where there is no will in Washington to take on corporate polluters.  These provisions are among the most important and successful innovations of modern environmental law.  For example, in upholding the ability of individuals and organizations to sue polluters, the Supreme Court recognized that: "Congress has found that civil penalties in Clean Water Act cases do more than promote immediate compliance . . . they also deter future violations." See

Shifting the Debate: In Defense of the Equal Access to Justice Act, by Brian Korpics, Jay Austin, and Bruce Myers, Environmental Law Institute, Nov. 2013; and

Citizen Suits at Thirtysomething:  A Celebration and Summit, Widener Law Review’s Symposium

Sue and Settle: Demonizing the Environmental Citizen Suit, Seattle University Law Review, Vol. 37, No. 891, 2014 by Stephen M. Johnson, Mercer University Law School


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