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People for the American Way letter to Senate Judiciary Committee opposing confirmation of Colorado Supreme Court Justice Allison Eid to Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. (09/14/17)
"[T]his seat does not need to be filled at all. In fact, the Judicial Conference of the United States took the highly unusual step of announcing that the Tenth Circuit’s caseload is so light that Judge Gorsuch ought not be replaced. As the official entity charged by Congress to measure judicial caseloads and make recommendations for adding or subtracting judgeships, the nonpartisan Judicial Conference knows better than anyone when filling a judgeship would be an expensive waste of limited resources. But even were that not the case, it’s clear that Allison Eid is not qualified to serve on the Tenth Circuit. Last year, she was on then-candidate Trump’s list of 21 potential Supreme Court nominees, a list created in secret by the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation....Justice Eid’s record confirms her unsuitability for the circuit court."


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 E.g., Congress Daily ad (263 kb pdf) Defenders of Wildlife and over 160 other groups join record opposition to nomination of William Myers to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (3/23/04)

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