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Federal Bar Association Letter to Sens. McConnell & Reid Re: Action on Pending District Court Nominees (09/19/16)
"On behalf of the thousands of lawyers who practice in the federal courts, I write to urge you to schedule floor votes on the 20 district court nominees pending on the Senate calendar. These nominees are noncontroversial and have waited significant periods of time for the Senate to act upon their nominations. They have been reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee without dispute, and we believe that the process merits them a prompt up-or-down vote."... We note that the corresponding judgeships of more than one-third (7 of 20) of the judicial nominees who await a final Senate vote are considered “judicial emergencies” by the United States Judicial Conference because of their high caseloads and/or the significant amount of time the judgeship has remained vacant. Action on these nominees is especially warranted. Plainly the lack of sufficient numbers of judges on our federal courts is costing our country in dollars and delay. It is money being needlessly wasted. This is not good for any litigant or the state of justice in our nation."


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 E.g., Congress Daily ad (263 kb pdf) Defenders of Wildlife and over 160 other groups join record opposition to nomination of William Myers to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (3/23/04)

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