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Letter to the Senate from 22 women’s organizations; reproductive health, rights and justice organizations; and civil rights organizations in strong opposition to the nomination of Damien Schiff to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (07/17/17)
"Mr. Schiff, a prolific blogger and attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, is stunningly unfit for the federal bench. As an initial matter, his record amply demonstrates his lack of judicial temperament. He has impugned advocates whose views he does not share,1 raising serious questions about whether he will treat all litigants coming before him with respect and impartiality. He has made numerous outrageous and inflammatory statements, including referring to Justice Anthony Kennedy as “a judicial prostitute,”2 which are inconsistent with the judicial role. In addition, Mr. Schiff has demonstrated hostility to core women’s rights and civil rights, raising serious doubts as to whether he would approach these and related issues with an open mind, follow precedents with which he disagrees, and decide cases involving those issues strictly based on the law and the facts."


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 E.g., Congress Daily ad (263 kb pdf) Defenders of Wildlife and over 160 other groups join record opposition to nomination of William Myers to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (3/23/04)

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