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Judging the Environment judicial nominations photo

A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.




Television, Radio & Print Ads

  • Ads urging opposition to the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court:
    • 3/4-page ad which ran in the 1/8 & 1/9/2006 editions of the Portland [ME] Press Herald (LARGE FILE - 1.7 Mb pdf)
    • Full-page ad running in the 1/18, 1/23 & 1/24/06 editions of Congress Daily (pdf)


  • Ads expressing concerns about nomination of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts:
    • Full-page ad from the 9/3/05 issue of National Journal (LARGE FILE - 5 Mb pdf)
    • Banner ad from Congress Daily Online (jpg file)


  • Congress Daily ad (263 kb pdf) Defenders of Wildlife and over 160 other groups join record opposition to nomination of William Myers to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (3/23/04)