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Sergeant First Class Vincent Staub Letter in strong support of Patricia Millett confirmation to D.C. Circuit (10/28/13)
Describes how Millett successfully co-represented him before the Supreme Court after he was discharged because of his employer’s hostility towards his service as a military reservist

Letter from 37 Office of the Solicitor General Alumni in Support of Patricia Millett Nomination (07/09/13)
"All of the undersigned are alumni of the Office of the Solicitor General who have served there with Ms. Millett, worked with her before that when she was an Attorney in the Civil Division or in private practice, or worked with her or litigated against her since. We thus have first-hand knowledge of Ms. Millett’s dedication, intellect, professionalism, and integrity. We hold a broad range of political, policy, and jurisprudential views, but we speak as one in offering our unqualified support of Ms. Millett’s nomination."

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Letter to the Senate: Support Patricia Millett’s Nomination to the D.C. Circuit (07/09/13)
"Not only is it contrary to the interests of justice for the court to operate understaffed, it is clear that with fewer active judges on the D.C. Circuit than there were in 2005, the increased workload warrants filling each of the remaining vacant seats on the court."

Lisa Soronen letter in Support of Patricia Millett Nomination (07/03/13)
"I know Patricia through my work at the State and Local Legal Center."

Letter from seven former Solicitor Generals of the U.S. in support of Patricia Millett D.C. Circuit nomination (07/02/13)
"It is our uniform view that she is supremely qualified for this important position."

Letter from 110 attorneys in strong support of Patricia Millett D.C. Circuit nomination (07/02/13)
"Urge[s] prompt consideration and confirmation of" Millett D.C. Circuit nomination

Letter in Support of Patricia Millett Nomination from Robin S. Conrad, retired Chamber of Commerce Executive VP (06/24/13)
"I have worked with many talented and successful lawyers during my thirty-year tenure at the National Chamber Litigation Center, the public policy law firm of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, from which I recently retired as Executive Vice President. I have known Patricia Millett since first working with her on an amicus brief for the Chamber in early 2008. She worked with me on other Chamber briefs, numerous moot courts, and other projects since then."