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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.





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Sergeant First Class Vincent Staub Letter in strong support of Patricia Millett confirmation to D.C. Circuit (10/28/13)
Describes how Millett successfully co-represented him before the Supreme Court after he was discharged because of his employer’s hostility towards his service as a military reservist

Letter from 31 retired U.S. armed forces officers in strong support of Cornelia (Nina) Pillard D.C. Circuit nomination (07/22/13)
"While an Assistant in the U.S. Solicitor General’s office, Professor Pillard wrote the legal briefs that challenged VMI’s exclusion of women....The Supreme Court agreed: in a 7-1 decision, it found VMI’s exclusion of women to be unconstitutional....We support Professor Pillard’s nomination because her accomplishments and credentials demonstrate that she has the qualifications to be a federal appellate judge, and because her dedication to principles of equality demonstrates that she will be a great one."

Viet Dinh Letter in support of Cornelia Pillard nomination to the D.C. Circuit (07/18/13)
"Based on our long and varied professional experience together, I know that Professor Pillard is exceptionally bright, a patient and unbiased listener, and a lawyer of great judgment and unquestioned integrity. We certainly do not agree on the merits of every issue, but Nina has always been fair, reasonable, and sensible in her judgments."

Former attorneys in Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel (07/17/13)
"Ms. Pillard ... was a respected leader and trusted advisor in OLC, valued for her fair-minded and meticulous approach to legal questions of all sorts. She is an exemplary nominee whom we wholeheartedly endorse."