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Letter from Former Judge & Pres. G.W. Bush Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey Supporting Jesse Furman Judicial Nomination (07/27/11)
"Having served on that Court for almost 19 years, and having had the benefit and privilege of Jesse's help both when I was a district judge and when I was Attorney General, I can think of no one better qualified than he is for that position."

Letter from 53 Law Professors Urging Hearing & Prompt Vote on Victoria Nourse v. Sen. Ron-Johnson "One-Person-Filibuster" (07/14/11)
"We urge you to hold a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and seek a prompt vote for Seventh Circuit nominee Victoria F. Nourse.... Purely as a matter of process, this delay raises serious questions about whether the Senate is fulfilling its constitutional role to provide the President’s nominees with a prompt hearing and full Senate vote. ... A nominee of sterling credentials, who has served her country under Republicans and Democrats, who was approved by a state merit commission, and praised by the A.B.A., should not be subject to unending delay. For a single Senator from one state within the Circuit to assert a hold, months after the nomination was complete, undermines Wisconsin’s meritbased selection system, blocking highly qualified nominees from a hearing and a vote....A hold without reason is an arbitrary Senatorial process, for any nominee of any party. It allows one Senator the ability to bar a hearing and a vote on a nominee with broad based support. The effect is an unbreakable one-person-filibuster."

State Bar Urges Federal Action to Fill Judicial Vacancies (05/20/11)
The following requests have been made by the State Bar: (1) The Board of Governors urges the Federal Government to take swift action to fill judicial vacancies; (2) The Board of Governors urges the Federal Government to take consider additional judgeships in the District of Arizona; (3) The Board of Governors urges the Federal Government to add more court staff and facilities, particularly in the Tucson Division.

Attorney General Eric Holder Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony (05/04/11)
“Today, our nation’s court system is in a state of crisis, with more than ten percent of federal judgeships sitting vacant. If the Senate maintains the confirmation pace set during the last two years, the result will be a federal judicial system stressed to the breaking point, with litigants waiting longer and longer for their day in court. I urge the Senate to act without delay on all outstanding judicial nominations.”

Federal Bar Association Letter to Senate on federal judiciary funding and "unprecedented numbers of judicial vacancies" (04/27/11)
Ashley L. Belleau, National FBA President: "our federal court system is bursting at the seams. With 12 percent of judgeships vacant, temporary judgeships expiring, and more courts in emergency mode than ever, there is an unprecedented crisis in our Third Branch due to unprecedented numbers of judicial vacancies. For criminal defendants awaiting trial, it can mean more detention time, adding even more costs to the taxpayer. Just last year, the federal cost of pretrial detention alone was 1.4 billion dollars, according to the Department of Justice."

Constitutional Accountability Center letter (03/17/11)
"Caitlin Halligan has the qualifications, experience, intellect and temperament to serve with great distinction on the D.C. Circuit. We urge every Senator to support her confirmation."

Letter expressing "enthusiastic support of the nomination of Cailtin Halligan" to be a D.C. Circuit Judge (03/04/11)
Letter to the Senate from Miguel Estrada and 20 other prominent attorneys