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Letter from 110 attorneys in strong support of Patricia Millett D.C. Circuit nomination (07/02/13)
"Urge[s] prompt consideration and confirmation of" Millett D.C. Circuit nomination

Letter in Support of Patricia Millett Nomination from Robin S. Conrad, retired Chamber of Commerce Executive VP (06/24/13)
"I have worked with many talented and successful lawyers during my thirty-year tenure at the National Chamber Litigation Center, the public policy law firm of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, from which I recently retired as Executive Vice President. I have known Patricia Millett since first working with her on an amicus brief for the Chamber in early 2008. She worked with me on other Chamber briefs, numerous moot courts, and other projects since then."

American Bar Association Letter supporting immigration bill amendment creating new judgeships (06/19/13)
"In the district courts in southwest border states--those likely to feel the greatest impact from this legislation--the resource situation has already reached crisis proportion. We appreciate that the bill under consideration takes steps to ameliorate the dire conditions in these courts by authorizing a limited number of additional district court judgeships."

NCAPA Endorses Nomination of Sri Srinivasan to U.S. Court of Appeals (05/15/13)
"The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), a coalition of 30 national Asian Pacific American organizations, strongly supports the nomination of Sri Srinivasan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit."

Justice at Stake letter supporting new judgeships Amendment (05/09/13)
"[A] bipartisan amendment being offered by Senator Feinstein on behalf of herself and Senators Cornyn, Cruz, and Flake ... would provide for additional federal judgeships in southwest border states. More precisely, the amendment would add two new judgeships in the District of Arizona, three new judgeships in the Eastern District of California, two new judgeships in the Eastern District of Texas, and one new judgeship in the Southern District of Texas. This amendment attempts to implement a narrow subset of the additional seats requested by the Judicial Conference of the United States, as explained in their April 5, 2013 letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Judicial Conference, in tandem with the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO), has long served as the source of thoughtful, non-partisan analysis and recommendations on resource allocation within the federal courts. JAS commends this effort to implement a subset of the AO’s recommendations, particularly in areas where the judiciary might be disproportionately affected by comprehensive immigration reform."

Constitutional Accountability Center letter on D.C. Circuit vacancies and urging confirmation of nominee Sri Srinivasan (04/11/13)
"As you know, four of the eleven authorized judgeships on the D.C. Circuit -- nearly 40% -- are currently vacant, making Mr. Srinivasan’s prompt confirmation not only well-justified but also a matter of some urgency and national importance. The Senate should not allow any court, let alone one as critical to the nation’s interests as the D.C. Circuit, to remain so understaffed; our judicial system, and the American people, deserve better."

Letter to the Senate supporting Sri Srinivasan nomination from 12 former Solicitor Generals or Principal Deputy Solicitor Generals in Democratic and Republican Administrations (04/01/13)
"Sri would be an excellent court of appeals judge. We urge his timely consideration by this Committee and his swift confirmation in the US Senate."