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John G. Roberts, Jr.

Supreme Court of the United States
Confirmed September 29, 2005

John Roberts
Photo: White House

On September 29, 2005, the Senate voted 78-22 to confirm Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. as the 17th chief justice of the United States.  Click here to read the testimony.  Click here to see the final vote breakdown.

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President Bush's Supreme Court Nomination Needs Careful Review (07/19/05)
Senate must ensure that Judge John Roberts will not unfairly strike down environmental safeguards.

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Testimony of Dahlia Lithwick, Senior Legal Correspondent,
"In addition to the trend toward overruling precedent by stealth, the court has been able to make dramatic changes without even a modicum of drama by chipping away at our access to the courts. Be it through the doctrines of constitutional “standing” or “ripeness,” by virtually doing away with facial constitutional challenges, or by subtly shifting the burden of proof on plaintiffs – it is becoming materially harder for victims of any sort of injustice or discrimination to access the very protections this congress has enacted. ... from environmental protections to worker protections, to civil rights legislation, Congressional guarantees of equal justice are only as robust as a citizen’s power to march into a courtroom. That doorway gets narrower every year."

The Commerce Clause and the Environment
Earthjustice Exectutive Director Buck Parker discusses The Commerce Clause and its relation to Environmental Law.

Beyond the Toad: Judge Roberts Needs To Explain His Views On Congressional Authority
Judge Roberts Needs To Explain His Views On Congressional Authority To Protect The Environment, And On Citizens’ Access To Courts.

Would John Roberts Deny Your Access to Our Courts?
Throughout his legal career, Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts, Jr. has supported policies, arguments and decisions that would restrict access to courts by average Americans.