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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

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White House no longer wants ABA evaluations for judicial spots (Indiana Lawyer, 04/03/17)
Marilyn Odendahl: But the reports provided to the Senate committee will come after the nominee has been introduced to the public. Glenn Sugameli, director of the Judging the Environment Project which monitors federal judicial nominations, said in the past, some individuals being considered for a federal judgeship were rejected after the ABA raised concerns about their qualifications or temperament. This allowed the White House to avoid a potentially disastrous nominee altogether.... Sugameli pointed to what he called the irony that the administration announced it will forego the ABA evaluations during the time when it and Senate Republicans are touting the high rating given to Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Indeed Judiciary chair Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, boasted after the ABA gave Gorsuch a unanimously well qualified rating. “Why is it relevant for this nomination but not for others?” Sugameli asked of the ABA evaluations.

SUPREME COURT: Dems likely to probe Gorsuch environmental views this week (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 03/20/17)
Amanda Reilly: "These issues will come up in various contexts," said Glenn Sugameli, an environmental attorney who tracks judicial appointments for the website Judging the Environment.... Democratic senators may raise concerns that Gorsuch's views on Chevron — which differ from Scalia's defense of the doctrine — may translate to second-guessing agency expertise or attempting to reverse settled law (E&E Daily, Feb. 2). "That issue will come up, and that's a very important issue for environmental and a whole range of laws," Sugameli said.

Reactions to the Gorsuch nomination (SCOTUSBlog, 02/06/17)
Andrew Hamm: Judging the Environment links to more reactions from senators.[link]