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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

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Casey reportedly submits blue slip for Bibas nomination [updated] (CA3blog, 09/22/17)
Matthew Stiegler: Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jonathan Tamari posted the following on Twitter yesterday afternoon: Judicial news: @SenBobCasey has returned blue slip on 3d District nominee Stephanos Bibas, clearing way for hearings. 1 of few Ds to do so He meant Third Circuit. He added: BUT, Casey has also told Trump admin he’d use blue slip to block atty David Porter if he’s nominated.... UPDATE2: The first tweet is wrong about Casey being one of “few” Democratic senators to return a blue slip on a Trump circuit nominee. I’m informed by Glenn Sugameli of Judging the Environment and Lena Zwarensteyn of American Constitution Society that Casey is the 6th to do so (plus a 7th who announced she supports a Senate hearing on the nomination), against only 3 who’ve withheld blue slips.