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Trump's judicial nominee from Louisville ducks questions about his controversial blog posts (Courier-Journal [KY] , 06/27/17)
Andrew Wolfson: Asked by Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., whether judges should always employ an originalist approach, Bush responded: “My personal views on constitutional interpretation will be irrelevant if I am fortunate enough to be confirmed to the Sixth Circuit." He added: “As a lower court judge, I would be bound to apply the precedents of the Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit in deciding any question of constitutional interpretation that comes before me.” Kyle Barry, senior policy analyst for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, tweeted that Bush’s response was “laughable,” adding in an interview that there often are no precedents in many cases that come before federal appeals courts. Glenn Sugameli, an attorney and founder of “Judging the Environment” who has tracked judicial nominees since 2001, called it “the most absurd response by a judicial nominee ever.” “It is either absurd or dishonest or both,” Sugameli said, noting that appeals courts can reverse precedent when all of the court’s judges hear a case together. “A judge’s views on constitutional law do matter,” Sugameli said.

Little Rock native gets rough ride at judicial confirmation hearing UPDATE (Arkansas Times, 06/14/17)
Max Brantley: Lots more provided by Glenn Sugamelli, senior attorney for Judging the Environment.... Lot of links to troubling background on Bush here at Judging the Environment.... Much more on Schiff here. [link to Judging the Environment]