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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

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PROPERTY RIGHTS: Trump pick for 'rather esoteric court' fuels political storm (Greenwire, 06/21/17)
Amanda Reilly: Glenn Sugameli, an environmental attorney who founded the Judging the Environment project, said that the vagaries of takings law and lack of Supreme Court direction on key issues leave room for creativity in lawsuits brought before the claims court. "A creative judge, an activist judge, can basically come up with a ruling which may ultimately be reversed on appeal but is not on its face clearly absurd in a way that would prevent it from being issued in the first place," he said.... Sugameli acknowledged that, as with other appeals courts around the country, the Federal Circuit "balances" out rulings by the Court of Federal Claims. In the meantime, though, he said that "the law can be muddled, unjustifiable confusion can be introduced." He added, "A lot of state courts from around the country, when they deal with a question of whether a state or local safeguard is a taking of private property, they will look for guidance to decisions from the Court of Federal Claims and the Federal Circuit."

Little Rock native gets rough ride at judicial confirmation hearing UPDATE (Arkansas Times, 06/14/17)
Max Brantley: Lots more provided by Glenn Sugamelli, senior attorney for Judging the Environment.... Lot of links to troubling background on Bush here at Judging the Environment.... Much more on Schiff here. [link to Judging the Environment]

Panel to vet nominee behind key takings, species cases (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 06/12/17)
Amanda Reilly: Glenn Sugameli, an environmental attorney who founded and heads the Judging the Environment project, said he was concerned with Schiff's work at PLF. The group pushes "a very extreme unjustifiable version that only looks at the potential development of property and really ignores or fails to consider the impact that that would have on neighboring property and the public and the environment at large," Sugameli said.