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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

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Sounding off: BLUE SLIPS AND BIPARTISANSHIP  (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review [PA] , 09/23/17)
Letter to the Editor by Glenn Sugameli, founder and head since 2001 of Judging the Environment , a nonpartisan federal judicial nominations project: All Senate Republicans supported blue slips in a 2009 letter, as did a 2015 Des Moines Register op-ed and a 2016 post-election statement from Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said Grassley “told me he was going to follow the same procedures as chairman” and “has never broken his word to me” over three decades. In a 2014 op-ed titled “Protect the Senate's important ‘advice and consent' role,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, stressed that “The blue slip process ... has greatly enhanced consultation and cooperation between home state senators and the White House. ... Weakening or eliminating the blue slip process would sweep aside the last remaining check on the president's judicial appointment power. Anyone serious about the Senate's constitutional ‘advice and consent' role knows how disastrous such a move would be … ultimately produc(ing) a more politicized federal judiciary.”

McConnell calls for ending Senate tradition that gives Democrats leverage on Trump's judicial nominees (Business Insider, 09/13/17)
Allan Smith: While the denial of a blue slip does not prevent a judge from being approved, Glenn Sugameli, an attorney who is an expert on judicial nominations, told Business Insider in an email last week that "no circuit court nominees have been confirmed over [a blue slip] objection of one (or two) home-state senators — including under Obama."