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Slain judge supported 9th Circuit split (Washington Briefs, 03/16/11)
UPDATE: Glenn Sugameli, who tracks judiciary issues for Defenders of Wildlife, takes issue with Roll’s conclusions. “Judge Roll was not politically motivated,” he said in an email. “In fact, however, while not everyone supporting a split was ‘simply politically motivated’ [as Roll described it elsewhere in his article] and some who were would not admit it - the political power behind attempts to split the 9th Circuit has always come from industry and politicians who were simply politically motivated.” More on Sugameli’s work can be seen here.

Plan to Break Up 9th Circuit Court Faces Opposition (Los Angeles Times, 09/21/06)
A broad array of judges, law professors, bar associations and political leaders came out Wednesday against splitting the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, as the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington took up the thorny issue.

View live, online this afternoon's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (How Appealing, 09/20/06)
How Appealing blog coverage of Senate hearing: "The organization Earthjustice has compiled a comprehensive collection of links in opposition to splitting up the Ninth Circuit."

Businesses Sit Out Fight Over Splitting the 9th Circuit (Daily Journal [CA] , 08/17/06)
News article by Lawrence Hurley quoting Earthjustice on the potential benefit to certain business interests if the 9th Circuit were split.

Environmentalists Ask Senate to Leave the 9th Circuit Alone  (Daily Journal [CA] , 08/04/06)
Article on the 9th Circuit Split quotes Earthjustice's Glenn Sugameli.

Environmental Groups Oppose Proposal to Split the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Daily Report for Executives, 08/04/06)
While supporters of splitting the 9th Circuit are now stressing administrative efficiency, their true motivation is ideological, with the goal of obtaining more conservative rulings through "environmental gerrymandering," said Glenn Sugameli, Earthjustice's senior legislative counsel.

Why split the Ninth Circuit? (How Appealing, 08/03/06)
How Appealing blog on 9th Circuit split: To appreciate the anti-split side of the argument, be sure to visit this impressive collection of links at Earthjustice's website.

New Opposition to Efforts to Split the Ninth Circuit; (How Appealing, 08/03/06)
How Appealing blog: The organization Earthjustice today issued a press release that begins, "Today, Earthjustice and more than 100 civil rights, women's rights, disability rights, labor, health, religious, senior, conservation and other national, regional, state and local groups, sent a letter to Senators urging them to oppose S. 1845, 'The Circuit Court of Appeals Restructuring and Modernization Act of 2005,' and other proposals to split the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals into two or more circuit courts." You can access that letter at this link. And a related document, titled "Ideologically-Based Efforts to Split the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals," is here.

Splitting The Ninth Circuit (KUSP 88.9 FM Santa Cruz, 07/24/06)
Gary Patton's Land Use Reports "Website (giving information on how you can oppose the Ninth Circuit split) –"

House-passed reconciliation report slashes farm conservation funding (Greenwire, 12/19/05)
Greenwire article on the Ninth Circuit Split quotes Earthjustice's Glenn Sugameli.

A Quiet Move in House to Split the 9th Circuit (San Francisco Chronicle [CA], 11/30/05)
Quotes Judges and other opponents of splitting the 9th Circuit, including Earthjustice's Todd True.

U.S. House of Representatives passes legislation that mandates split of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (How Appealing, 11/18/05)
How Appealing blog: "According to this press release from Earthjustice, the provision was a part of the budget reconciliation bill that passed the House by a vote of 217-215 early this morning."

BUDGET: House panel moves reconciliation, but floor picture is cloudy (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 11/04/05)
Earthjustice Attorney Glenn Sugameli said that while Senate Republicans may agree with the fundamental principles of the bill, key members such as Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) will be unwilling to back a proposal that circumvents the Senate. "There's some political dynamics that still make this extremely unpopular and unlikely," Sugameli said. The proposal to split the 9th Circuit is unpopular with the overwhelming majority of California politicians -- regardless of party -- and it remains to be seen whether the language will cause problems for the whole bill with California Republicans. "It also doesn't make sense politically to load down the reconciliation bill when there's so much baggage on it already," Sugameli said.

Lawmakers renew push to break up 9th Circuit (Santa Monica Daily Press [CA] , 10/28/05)
Quotes Judging the Environment's Glenn Sugameli

GOP 'Agenda" on environment suits cited to fight 9th circuit bills (Inside EPA, 10/28/05)
Article quotes Earthjustice's letter of opposition to the efforts by some Republicans to split the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

GOP renews push to split 9th Circuit in half (Associated Press, 10/27/05)
Associated Press: Republicans in Congress are renewing their push to break up the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: "It's an attempt to gerrymander the court to change the outcome of specific cases," said Glenn Sugameli, a legislative counsel at Earthjustice.

Lawmakers fast-track Western court breakup  (Juneau Empire [AK] , 10/26/05)
The subcommittee's move "fits the recent pattern in the House to ram a host of terrible bills through before (politicians), the media and the public figures out what is happening," said Glenn Sugameli.

COURTS: 9th Circuit split-up headed for House markup today (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 10/25/05)
Earthjustice attorney Glenn Sugameli: "If they really cared about efficiency in the House, there would be no reason to skip a hearing. The fact that the House is not holding a hearing on a bill that was introduced last Friday shows that they're trying to gerrymander the court."

Long March of the Circuit Breakers (Congressional Quarterly, 07/02/05)
Shawn Zeller: "However cool the bill's sponsors are playing it, though, environmentalists say this fight is really all about ideology -- especially in a Congress now shot through with anti-judiciary sentiment. Advocates of the split are mainly determined to minimize the effect of "the decisions coming down from the current pool of judges," says Glenn Sugameli, the senior judicial counsel at Earthjustice. He also predicts that any smaller districts carved out of the 9th would soon become politicized in their own right, as the Republican Senate moves "to pack the courts with some extreme nominees with records of anti-environmental activism.""

FEDERAL JUDICIARY: Ensign to introduce bill to divide 9th Circuit (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 06/21/05)
Earthjustice's Glenn Sugameli: "This effort is to get new circuits which have many more judges that are hostile to environmental safeguards."

Right-Wingers Running Full Court Press (Environmental News Network (ENN), 04/28/05)
Earthjustice Executive Director Buck Parker Commentary on right-wing attack against fair courts, including nuclear option, Ninth Circuit split and William Myers' nomination.

Environment in Exile? Prospects for the Federal Judiciary in the Second Bush Administration (Environmental Quality Management, 01/01/05)
Jim DiPeso: Judicial appointments could enable President George W. Bush to stamp his philosophical imprint onto the nation's environmental policies well into the twenty-first century. Cites Judging the Environment website.

COURTS: House votes to break up 9th Circuit; Senate not likely to act (Environment & Energy (E & E) Daily, 10/06/04)
Earthjustice attorney Glenn Sugameli said the amendment is an attempt by opponents of environmental laws and enforcement to seek out friendly judges and rulings. "They don't like the decisions, so instead of changing the laws they're changing the judges," Sugameli said.

House Hustles Up Split of Western Appeals Court (Environment News Service, 10/06/04)
House of Representatives voted to split 9th Circuit into three new courts.

House Votes to Gerrymander the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (How Appealing, 10/05/04)
How Appealing blog: "House Votes to Gerrymander the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; Sneak vote to split federal appeals court threatens environment": The organization Earthjustice issued this press release today.

Groups Fight Nominee for 9th Circuit (Los Angeles Times, 02/05/04)
Los Angeles Times cites Earthjustice report and separately quotes Earthjustice's Buck Parker and Glenn Sugameli on 9th Circuit nominee William G. Myers III, who faces a tough confirmation battle as nearly 100 environmental, tribal, civil rights, labor and women's organizations have mounted a major campaign to defeat him in the Senate.