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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

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Elena Kagan started Harvard environmental law program  (USA Today, 05/11/10)
"She has an in-depth knowledge of the nuts and bolts of how issues work in the real world," Glenn Sugameli, an attorney at Defenders of Wildlife and founder of Judging the Environment, which monitors federal courts, tells Grist.

Supreme Court Pick Seen as 'Thoughtful' About Enviro Law, but Views on Issues Are a Mystery  (New York Times, 05/10/10)
Greenwire article quoting Judging the Environment's Glenn Sugameli

Obama Nominates Solicitor General Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court (Environment News Service, 05/10/10)
Glenn Sugameli, founder and head of the environmental community's Judging the Environment project, said, "We welcome President Obama's Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan, whose record shows an essential understanding of the importance of upholding and enforcing laws that protect people, wildlife and the environment." "While she was dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan made environmental law a top priority," said Sugameli. "She helped found the Environmental Law Program, and, in one of her most prominent hires, recruited prominent environmental scholar Jody Freeman to lead the program. Kagan also started an Environmental Law and Policy Clinic where students provide vital assistance on cases and policy." "It is critical that Justice Stevens' successor be fair-minded and experienced and understand why environmental laws were written," Sugameli said.

Judging the Environment [Statement on Elena Kagan nomination] (SCOTUSBlog, 05/10/10)
"The following statement is from Glenn Sugameli, who founded in 2001 and still heads the environmental community’s Judging the Environment project and website on federal judicial nominations and related issues: * * *"

Reactions to the nomination Politicians' and interest groups' statements (SCOTUSBlog, 05/10/10)
Links to Judging the Environment statement on the Elena Kagan nomination and notes "Judging the Environment links to more Senators’ reactions here."

SUPREME COURT: Kagan introduced as nominee  (Greenwire, 05/10/10)
"We look forward to the Senate's deliberations on this important nomination as the court is sharply and closely divided on the fate of basic environmental safeguards and citizens' access to court. Respect for and understanding of environmental laws that protect all Americans are essential," said Glenn Sugameli, a staff attorney at Defenders of Wildlife who leads the advocacy group's Judging the Environment project. "The next justice will help determine the fate of basic environmental safeguards for decades to come."

Environmental Protections Require Fair Independent Replacement for Stevens  (American Constitution Society Blog, 04/13/10)
Guest Blog by Judging the Environment's Glenn Sugameli

SUPREME COURT: Stevens to decide on retirement next month  (Greenwire, 03/16/10)
While environmental groups would lose one of their most reliable supporters, said Glenn Sugameli, a staff attorney at Defenders of Wildlife, they will also lose a justice with "intangibles" -- including a relatively strong rapport with key swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy joined the majority in Massachusetts v. EPA, which provided the legal basis for EPA's emerging effort to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. "Any change on the Supreme Court could help decide the fate of environmental laws for decades to come. The court is very closely split, 5-4, on a number of major environmental issues," Sugameli said. "A new nominee will obviously be much younger and will likely be around to decide issues that nobody's really even thought of yet."

SUPREME COURT: 3 enviro, energy cases on docket as fall term begins  (Greenwire, 10/05/09)
In depth article extensively quotes Defenders of Wildlife's Glenn Sugameli.

SUPREME COURT: Enviro issues at stake in looming nomination fight  (Greenwire, 05/01/09)
Extensively quotes Judging the Environment's Glenn Sugameli.