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Judging the Environment judicial nominations photo

A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

Defenders of Wildlife

Press Releases

Senate confirms IA federal judge: What about 17 other Committee approved district judges? (09/10/12)
Both Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Patrick Toomey are correct. Only senseless partisan obstruction by Senate Republicans could still prevent confirming all the Committee-approved nominees.

Senate Republican Blockade of 21 Judicial Nominees Worsens Vacancy Crisis (12/17/11)
“Once again, U.S. Senate Republicans have unjustifiably blocked a decades-old tradition of clearing pending judicial nominees before leaving town.

Defenders of Wildlife: Lummis, Barrasso introduce bill to limit citizens’ ability to sue the federal government (05/25/11)
Legislation would restrict provisions that ensure equal access to justice

Humor and Satire

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Judging the Environment In The News

District Court facing another vacancy (Daily Record [NY], 07/30/14)


Jill Pryor a step closer to the 11th Circuit (Updated) (Southern District of Florida Blog, 07/30/14)

New Miami Federal Judge Among 10 Gay Nominees (Daily Business Review [FL], 07/25/14)

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