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White House Lawyer Is Top Pick For Open Court Seat, And Controversy Could Follow (National Public Radio, 07/28/17)
Carrie Johnson: it's Katsas' work for President Trump this year that could overtake all that other experience in any Senate hearing.... The administration has had a rough time in the legal arena.... Then, there's the stormy relationship between the White House and the Justice Department, a role typically managed by the White House Counsel's Office. ... Justice Department veterans from previous administrations have blown the whistle over what they said are violations of long-standing policy that's supposed to protect law enforcement independence by barring most people in the White House from inquiring about ongoing investigations.... In a confirmation hearing for a lifetime-tenured judgeship, especially on the D.C. Circuit which is known as a "feeder" court for the U.S. Supreme Court, all of those issues could be fair game, veterans of the judicial nominations process said. Katsas could be asked about his involvement, knowledge and advice on a host of controversies