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Letter: Young's vote for Gorsuch is unacceptable (Indianapolis Star [IN], 03/30/17)
Ben Brown: Sen. Young’s vote most troubles me because Judge Gorsuch is an enemy to Hoosier workers, the backbone of this state. Judge Gorsuch refused to acknowledge his failure in ruling against a truck driver who was fired after he left his trailer on the side of the road in subzero temperatures to save himself from freezing to death. Sen. Young’s vote is a vote for the same side as the corporate elites that are taking jobs from factories, like Carrier, the same corporate elites that fired that truck driver for saving his own life, and the same corporate elites who are backing Judge Gorsuch’s nomination as a man who will rule against workers.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice Cops Out (Atlantic, 01/01/12)
Andrew Cohen: "Inexplicably, Chief Justice Roberts did not mention, much less decry, the many "judicial emergencies" around the country which directly impair the rights of litigants. Nor did the Chief Justice mention, much less decry, the attacks upon the independence of the judiciary, which echo this election season through the halls of Congress. ... Roberts' tepid note must send a sad, frustrating message to all those federal judges out there working their butts off, amid an atmosphere of political hostility, to make up for all the judicial vacancies that exist because of Senate intransigence. If the Chief Justice won't speak up for these jurists, and for the millions of litigants burdened by the "judicial emergencies" created by scores of empty benches, who will?"

Editorial: The judicial system; The feeblest branch; An underfunded court system weakens the economy as well as access to justice (Economist, 10/01/11)
"Of late, state legislatures and executives have been closing their purses as they struggle to balance tight budgets. At the same time, the federal bench is being weakened by both stagnant salaries and frozen politics. This is now swelling dockets, delaying cases, and reducing access to the legal system....Filibustering of judicial nominations increased under George Bush, and even more sharply under Barack Obama, causing federal cases to pile up. But here too, pay is an issue."

Attack on justice in America (Kansas City Star, 04/18/11)
Miriam Pepper: "“The rule of law is actually in jeopardy in this country.” That’s the assessment from the president of the American Bar Association, Stephen N. Zack, ... Pay for federal judges today matches second-year Wall Street lawyers. And 10 percent of the federal bench is vacant because Congress won’t approve nominees."

Thanksgiving and the Third Branch (Findlaw, 11/25/09)
Prof. Carl Tobias: " even more jurists might have received confirmation, had some GOP members better cooperated with Democrats. For much of the 111th Congress, Republican Senators have slowed floor debates and votes by placing anonymous holds on nominees. Democrats and Republicans should work together more closely to approve judges because the current situation – in which the federal courts are operating with more than ten percent of their judgeships vacant -- may prevent the federal judiciary from swiftly, inexpensively, and equitably resolving cases. The judiciary, in turn, should be grateful that the related idea of comprehensive judgeships legislation, which last passed in 1990, is apparently receiving serious consideration, "

District court faces overwhelming caseload, low salaries (Desert Sun [Palm Springs, CA], 10/05/09)
Op-Ed by E.D. CA. Chief Judge Audrey B. Collins: "The best interests of everyone we serve, especially those in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, demand that Congress enact Senate Bill 1653, the Federal Judgeship Act of 2009, and quickly fill our vacancies."

Appoint More Federal Judges (And Pay Them More Too) (South Florida Lawyers, 09/16/09)
"Meanwhile in DC Congress has been conducting hearings on the Federal Judgeship Act. As Senator Leahy pointed out in a letter to the WSJ yesterday (corrected link thanks to Glenn Sugameli, staff attorney for Judging the Environment, who wrote two great letters on this), things are slightly different this year:"

Editorial: Better pay for federal judges (Courier-Journal [KY] , 01/07/09)

Editorial: Annual rite: Chief justice asks for judicial pay hike John Roberts makes a 'modest petition' for a salary increase for federal judges (Corpus Christi Caller-Times [TX], 01/07/09)
"Congress should have acted on the request long ago."

Editorial: Raise judges' pay (Miami Herald, 01/05/09)

Editorial: Judges still need a raise (Pensacola News Journal [FL] , 01/05/09)

Editorial: Federal pay hikes: Treat judges same as Congress (Watertown Daily Times [NY], 01/03/09)

Get the best legal minds on courts  (Seattle Post-Intelligencer [WA], 12/17/08)
Op-Ed: increase in pay needed to preserve a "truly independent judiciary" and prevent "less qualified and less diverse set of federal judges."

Use Lame-Duck Week to Appoint Judges to the Federal Bench (Roll Call, 12/10/08)
Last month’s federal elections have left unclear exactly what the 110th Congress can accomplish in this week’s lame-duck session. The continuing gamesmanship and jockeying for political advantage, as the Democrats wait to assume their expanded Senate and House majorities in the 111th Congress and White House control and the American economy’s dismal state, indicate that Congress will focus principally on economic concerns. Nevertheless, if Democrats work carefully together with Republicans on several matters that are important to the federal judiciary, lawmakers could realize immediate and long-term advantages for the parties, the courts and the nation.

Why the Federal Courts Should Give Thanks This Thanksgiving: A Set of Positive Developments, with the Hope of More to Come (Findlaw, 11/26/08)
Prof. Carl Tobias Op-Ed on judicial nominations, vacancies; pay, junkets and new judgeships.

Editorial: Fair Pay: Federal judges are way overdue for a salary increase (Houston Chronicle, 10/27/08)
"The point of life tenure is to encourage independent thinking and eliminate concerns about what impact any given ruling might have on future job prospects or other personal considerations. Compensation that is grossly out of line with private sector salaries — or even pay of other top-level federal employees — threatens this independence. Continually eroding pay also restricts the talent pool, and potentially the quality, of candidates willing to serve on a federal bench. Congress should give the judges a raise."

Judges' pay fails goal of framers (Chicago Tribune, 07/13/08)
Op-Ed: "Federal judges are leaving the bench at an alarming rate. Three judges resigned in the '60s; 22 in the '70s; 41 in the '80s; 55 in the '90s; and we are on track to lose 68 judges this decade. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy told the Senate Judiciary Committee that it's 'an economic fact' that the best judges are leaving."

Junkets for Judges (Washington Post, 02/09/08)
The Washington Post Editorial on the need to end judicial junkets for a judicial pay raise.

Pay judges more (Los Angeles Times, 01/15/08)
Opinion piece by David Axelrad in Los Angeles Times supports pay raise for judges

Raise judicial pay to preserve quality of courts (Sacramento Bee [CA] , 01/06/08)
Editorial by the Sacramento Bee supports the issue of higher pay for judges

Time to raise judicial pay (Boston Herald, 01/06/08)
Boston Herald Editorial in support of judicial pay raises.

Paying judges fairly (Las Vegas Sun, 01/05/08)
Las Vegas Sun Editorial supports higher pay for judges

Protection and Pay for Federal Judges (New York Times, 12/28/07)
Editorial by the New York Times on the need for a raise in judicial pay for federal judges.

The Value of a Judge (Washington Post, 12/12/07)
Editorial by the Washington Post comments on the need for a bill to raise judicial pay.

Peter Keisler Is Worse (American Prospect, 10/20/07)
Ezra Klein's column includes how Peter Keilser "has a history of interfering with the work of US Attorneys to serve right-wing political interests."

Fair Pay for Federal Judges Is Long Overdue (Roll Call, 07/17/07)
Roll Call, By Orrin Hatch & William T. Coleman Jr., Federal judges play a critical and unique role in our system of government. Congress’ failure to provide adequately for reasonable and fair judicial compensation, however, is undermining judicial quality and independence.

Why the Judiciary Merits a Real Raise (Washington Post, 07/08/07)
Letter to the Editor by Gary Burtless published in the Washington Post explaining why federal judges deserve a substantial raise in salary.