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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

Press Releases



Defenders of Wildlife Calls on Senate to Consider Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland (03/16/16)
The Senate must do its job by holding a hearing and a vote on this nomination to fill an important vacancy.

Senate confirms IA federal judge: What about 17 other Committee approved district judges? (09/10/12)
Both Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Patrick Toomey are correct. Only senseless partisan obstruction by Senate Republicans could still prevent confirming all the Committee-approved nominees.

Senate Republican Blockade of 21 Judicial Nominees Worsens Vacancy Crisis (12/17/11)
“Once again, U.S. Senate Republicans have unjustifiably blocked a decades-old tradition of clearing pending judicial nominees before leaving town.

Defenders of Wildlife: Lummis, Barrasso introduce bill to limit citizens’ ability to sue the federal government (05/25/11)
Legislation would restrict provisions that ensure equal access to justice

Environmentalists Signal Support for Sotomayor (07/09/09)
Millions of members represented by 60 groups favoring High Court nominee

Earthjustice Statement on Justice Souter Retirement (05/01/09)
Next Justice will play crucial role in nation's highest court

More than 50 Environmental & Conservation Groups Oppose Alito (01/24/06)
More than 50 Environmental and Conservation Groups Oppose Alito

Earthjustice Opposes Judge Alito's Nomination to the Supreme Court (12/20/05)
First environmental opposition to Supreme Court nominee since Bork in 1987

Halloween Supreme Court Nomination is a Scary Choice (10/31/05)
Judge Alito could undermine laws that safeguard health and environment

President Bush's Supreme Court Nomination Needs Careful Review (07/19/05)
Senate must ensure that Judge John Roberts will not unfairly strike down environmental safeguards.

Statement by Senior Legislative Counsel Glenn Sugameli on Judge Pickering's Retirement Announcement (12/09/04)
Pickering ignores his ethical violations and anti-environmental activism

Recess Appointment Ignores Objections to Extreme Judicial Nominee (01/16/04)
Charles Pickering appointed to Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Senate Refuses to Rubber-Stamp Pickering for Lifetime Judgeship (10/30/03)
Environmental groups oppose Pickering based on his extreme record

Committee to Vote on Anti-Environmental, Lifetime Judicial Nominee Carolyn Kuhl (05/07/03)
Earthjustice, thirteen other national conservation groups announce formal opposition

Senate Continues to Face Gridlock Over Judicial Nominees (10/23/01)
GOP Ties Up Critical Foreign Appropriations Bill Over Desire to Rush Judicial Confirmations