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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

Press Releases



Defenders of Wildlife Calls on Senate to Consider Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland (03/16/16)
The Senate must do its job by holding a hearing and a vote on this nomination to fill an important vacancy.

Senate confirms IA federal judge: What about 17 other Committee approved district judges? (09/10/12)
Both Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Patrick Toomey are correct. Only senseless partisan obstruction by Senate Republicans could still prevent confirming all the Committee-approved nominees.

Senate Republican Blockade of 21 Judicial Nominees Worsens Vacancy Crisis (12/17/11)
“Once again, U.S. Senate Republicans have unjustifiably blocked a decades-old tradition of clearing pending judicial nominees before leaving town.

Environmentalists Signal Support for Sotomayor (07/09/09)
Millions of members represented by 60 groups favoring High Court nominee

Earthjustice Statement on Justice Souter Retirement (05/01/09)
Next Justice will play crucial role in nation's highest court

Bush Attempts to Rewrite History in Speech to Federalist Society (10/06/08)
Bush Ignores his own record of nominating inflammatory lifetime judges

Bush Puts Blame on Senate for Artificial Judicial Vacancies He Created (02/07/08)
President continues to play politics with nominations, ignoring advice and consent of Senate

Bush Rejects Bi-partisan Senate Effort in Order to Reignite Judicial Nomination Wars (09/07/07)
Earthjustice's statement regarding the President's nomination of Steve A. Matthews and E. Duncan Getchell to the Fourth Circuit and the President's decision to ignore the bipartisan efforts of VA Senators Warner and Webb.

President Bush's Supreme Court Nomination Needs Careful Review (07/19/05)
Senate must ensure that Judge John Roberts will not unfairly strike down environmental safeguards.

Supreme Court Justice O'Connor Retires (07/01/05)
Next Justice will play crucial role in nation's highest court

President Bush Sends Americans a Valentine's Day Message of Confrontation and Divisiveness (02/14/05)
Former mining lobbyist re-nominated to lifetime post

White House Returns to Confrontation on Judicial Nominations (07/07/04)
President Bush refuses to build on bipartisan agreement

Senators Should Consider Environmental Impacts of Judicial Nominations (02/26/04)
William Pryor, William Myers illustrate problems of extremist nominees

35 Environmental Groups Oppose Nomination of Janice Rogers Brown (11/06/03)
Janice Rogers Brown's nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit scheduled for committee vote today.

Earthjustice Criticizes Efforts to Rush Judicial Confirmations (11/08/01)
Senators Expected to Call for Accelerated Confirmation Schedule in Response to Terrorist Attacks

Statement by Executive Director Buck Parker about Judicial Nominations (07/18/01)
News Conference on Judicial Nominations