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A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

Press Release

Bush Announces Plans to Renominate Blocked Judicial Candidates

President chooses path of confrontation and gridlock

December 23, 2004

Contact:Glenn Sugameli, Earthjustice 202-667-4500

Washington, DC--

Today, President Bush announced plans to resubmit 20 nominations for lifetime seats on federal courts that were not approved by the Senate, including several Court of Appeals nominations that were blocked by filibuster on the Senate floor. President Bush's inflammatory announcement comes as the United States heads into the Christmas holiday season.

The Senate has now confirmed 204 of President Bush's judicial nominees to federal appeals courts and district courts. On a handful of the most controversial nominees, all of whom have extreme records as anti-environmental ideologues, the Senate has refused to cut off debate. A few others have been blocked by objections from home-state Senators.

"Unfortunately, President Bush could not wait until after the holidays to announce a new confrontation in selecting the lifetime members of our third branch of government—our independent judiciary," said Earthjustice Senior Legislative Counsel Glenn Sugameli. "President Bush is choosing the road to gridlock rather than honoring the Senate's constitutional advise-and-consent role in selecting members of our third branch of government."

"In approving over 200 of the President's judicial nominees, the Senate has proven that it will confirm judges who don't have records of extreme hostility toward environmental and other fundamental safeguards," said Sugameli.

The full list of resubmitted judicial nominees includes:

Appeals Court nominees
  • Terrence Boyle, 4th Circuit
  • William J. Haynes II, 4th Circuit
  • Priscilla Richman Owen, 5th Circuit
  • David W. McKeague, 6th Circuit
  • Susan Neilson, 6th Circuit
  • Henry W. Saad, 6th Circuit
  • Richard A. Griffin, 6th Circuit
  • William H. Pryor Jr., 11th Circuit
  • William G. Myers III, 9th Circuit
  • Janice Rogers Brown, District of Columbia Circuit
  • Brett M. Kavanaugh, District of Columbia Circuit
  • Thomas B. Griffith, District of Columbia Circuit
District Court nominees
  • James C. Dever III, Eastern District, North Carolina
  • Robert J. Conrad, Western District, North Carolina 
  • Thomas L. Ludington, Eastern District, Michigan
  • Sean F. Cox, Eastern District, Michigan
  • Daniel P. Ryan, Eastern District, Michigan
  • Peter G. Sheridan, New Jersey
  • Paul A. Crotty, Southern District, New York
  • J. Michael Seabright, Hawaii