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Sens. Hutchison, Cornyn Announce Application Process for U.S. District Judges in the Eastern, Southern and Western Districts of Texas: Invite Qualified Attorneys to Seek Appointment for Vacancies
(Republican - Texas) 05/18/12
This panel, known as the Federal Judicial Evaluation Committee, will review applications, interview candidates, and make recommendations to the Senators. “Texas has a long history of being served by accomplished judges,” said Sen. Hutchison. “Serving on the federal bench is one of our most important judicial positions. I look forward to working with interested candidates and making a recommendation to the President.” “Texans deserve the finest legal minds and ablest professionals to serve as U.S. District Judges throughout our state’s four federal judicial districts. Public service is a great calling, and, as a former judge, I encourage everyone who is interested in serving in these important positions to apply,” said Sen. Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

(Republican - Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah) 05/11/12

Sen. Cornyn, Hutchison Applaud Senate Confirmation of Gregg Costa and David Guaderrama as Federal Judges
(Republican - Texas) 04/26/12
“I’m thrilled Mr. Costa and Mr. Guaderrama, both of whom have impeccable credentials and a passionate commitment to upholding the law, were confirmed today,” said Sen. Cornyn. “It was my honor to join Sen. Hutchison in recommending them, and I wish them the very best as they take on the important work the President and United States Senate have appointed them to do.” “I am pleased that the Senate voted overwhelmingly to confirm Gregg J. Costa and David C. Guaderrama to fill the judicial vacancies for the Southern District of Texas in Galveston and the Western District of Texas in El Paso,” said Sen. Hutchison. ... I am confident that these two judges will serve well on the federal bench.” Senators Cornyn and Hutchison (R-TX) recommended them to President Obama in July 2011.

Sen. Hutchison spokesman on pending Texas judicial nominees
(Republican - Texas) 02/11/12
A Hutchison spokesman said “we have made it clear to the White House and Senate leadership that we are unequivocally supporting the confirmation of these two highly qualified individuals.”

Sens. Hutchison, Cornyn Applaud Unanimous Senate Confirmation of Rodney Gilstrap as Federal District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall
(Republican - Texas) 12/05/11
"Rodney Gilstrap has a good balance of legal experience, having served as both a county judge and as a private attorney," said Sen. Hutchison. "His public service and strong academic credentials combined to make him a strong choice for this judgeship in East Texas." "Mr. Gilstrap will bring a wealth of experience to the federal bench as both a private practitioner and a distinguished public servant," said Sen. Cornyn. "It is easy to see why he was the consensus candidate recommended to the President by myself, Sen. Hutchison and our Democrat colleagues in the Texas Congressional Delegation."

Republican Senator Statements Against Judicial Nominee Filibusters
(Republican - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah) 11/29/11

Senators Hutchison and Cornyn Submit U.S. Judicial Recommendations to White House
(Republican - Texas) 10/27/11
"we are recommending three individuals for your consideration regarding the federal judicial vacancy in the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Office: Judge Jim Fallon, 15th District Court in Grayson County, Texas; Judge Martin Hoffman, 68th District Court in Dallas, Texas; Mr. Clyde Siebman, Senior Partner at Siebman, Reynolds, Burg, Phillips & Smith in Sherman, Texas

Sen. Hutchison Statement on Confirmation of Marina Garcia Marmolejo
(Republican - Texas) 10/03/11
“I am pleased that Ms. Marmolejo has been unanimously confirmed by the Senate to serve as a U.S. District Judge. Ms. Marmolejo has both the experience and qualifications necessary for this important position.”

Sens. Hutchison, Cornyn Applaud Nomination of Guaderrama to Western District Judgeshi
(Republican - Texas) 09/15/11
"I am pleased that the White House has moved forward to fill this Judgeship in the Western District of Texas. Judge Guaderrama's involvement in the El Paso community and his legal experience qualify him to serve in this important role. I hope the Senate will move quickly to confirm his nomination," said Sen. Hutchison. "An experienced jurist and attorney with longstanding ties to the El Paso community, Judge Guaderrama's background as the city's first public defender and most recently as a federal magistrate judge make him uniquely qualified to handle this new role. I am pleased that the President has nominated him for this important position," said Sen. Cornyn.

Senators Hutchison, Cornyn on Senate Approval of Nelva Gonzales Ramos as Federal Judge
(Republican - Texas) 08/03/11
“I am pleased the Senate recognized Judge Ramos’ outstanding qualifications and has confirmed her for this important post in the Southern District of Texas. She has extensive judicial experience as a municipal and district court judge and her credentials and breadth of experience will serve her well on the federal bench in Corpus Christi,” said Hutchison. “I’m pleased that the Senate last night unanimously confirmed Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos to be U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Texas. Judge Ramos was a consensus recommendation that was supported by Democrats and Republicans in Corpus Christi. Her experience as a trial judge in Texas and reputation for impartiality and fairness will be essential ingredients in her life tenure on the federal bench,” said Cornyn.

Senators Hutchison, Cornyn applaud President’s nomination Of Rodney Gilstrap to federal bench
(Republican - Texas) 05/20/11
"Senators Hutchison and Cornyn recommended Mr. Gilstrap last year to the President for nomination to the federal bench. “Rodney Gilstrap’s nomination to the federal bench will continue the strong judicial history of the Eastern District of Texas. His legal credentials are excellent and we hope that the Senate will move quickly to confirm his nomination,” said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. “The President has made an excellent choice in his nomination of Rodney Gilstrap. He brings a wealth of experience as both a private practitioner and a distinguished public servant. It is easy to see why Mr. Gilstrap was the consensus candidate recommended to the President by myself, Sen. Hutchison and our Democrat colleagues in the Texas Congressional Delegation. I’m confident he’ll be well received in the Senate, and I look forward to his swift confirmation,” Sen. Cornyn said."

Sens. Hutchison & Cornyn Cosponsor Bill to Create More Judgeships in Texas’ Border Districts
(Republican - Texas) 05/18/11
“Several of the most ‘overburdened’ federal judicial districts in our country are located along Texas’ southern border. They deal with a high volume of drug and human trafficking cases. We must provide these districts with the necessary resources to protect our rule of law and address the border violence that threatens the freedom and security of Texans who live near the border. This legislation specifically targets districts with the highest caseloads in the country, adding three new judgeships in Texas,” said Sen. Hutchison. Sen. Cornyn said, “Texas and federal law enforcement that fight drug cartels and human smugglers along our southern border need every resource and tool at their disposal. This bill will help relieve the massive backlog of cases in these districts where judges and prosecutors face a dramatic rise in drug- and smuggling-related cases. This emergency legislation addresses some of the most acute staffing needs in the five busiest federal district benches--including two in Texas."

Texas Senators & Congressman Applaud Senate Approval of Diana Saldaña for Federal Judge in South Texas
(Republican - Texas) 02/07/11
“I am pleased the Senate recognized Judge Diana Saldaña’s outstanding qualifications and has confirmed her for this important post in the Southern District of Texas. She has extensive judicial experience and has handled a caseload of critical issues, ranging from immigration to narcotics to health care. Judge Diana Saldaña’s academic and professional credentials and her breadth of experience will serve her well on the federal bench in Laredo,” said Hutchison. “I am pleased the Senate has overwhelmingly confirmed the nomination of Judge Diana Saldaña of Laredo to serve as a United States District Judge for the Southern District of Texas and congratulate her on this significant achievement. It is just the latest in a long line of accomplishments for Judge Saldaña, whose life story and career stand as an inspiration for many,” Cornyn said. “Her journey from summers spent working as a migrant farmer beginning when she was 10 years old, to becoming the first in her family to earn a college degree, and now being nominated by the President to serve as a federal judge truly exemplifies the American dream. I was proud to have recommended her to the President for this nomination and look forward to seeing her continue to succeed and serve Texans with distinction in this new role.”

Texas Senators Support Nelva Gonzales Ramos nomination for federal judgeship
(Republican - Texas) 01/26/11
Nelva Gonzales Ramos, a local Democratic district judge, is the bipartisan pick to replace long-serving U.S. District Judge Hayden Head.... Ramos was the sole nominee Republican Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn also supported.... “Judge Ramos has strong Texas roots,” Cornyn said in a written statement. “She has an outstanding educational background from Texas State University and the University of Texas School of Law, and her valuable experience as a civil ligation lawyer and State District Court judge will surely help her serve the Texas public well.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Statement on Kagan Nomination to Supreme Court
(Republican - Texas) 07/30/10
"I will oppose her appointment."

Cornyn, Hutchison laud Obama district court nomination
(Republican - Texas) 07/29/10
In a rare display of approval, Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said they "applaud" President Obama's nomination of Marina Garcia Marmolejo to be District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas ... "She brings to this key position an inspiring life story, as well as many accomplishments as a federal prosecutor," Hutchison said in the press release. "She has critical experience in drug enforcement, which is so important to our border security." "Marina Marmolejo truly exemplifies the American Dream and I was proud to join Sen. Hutchison in recommending her to the White House," Cornyn said in the release.

Sen. Hutchison’s Statement on Nomination of Diana Saldana for District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas
(Republican - Texas) 07/14/10
“Ms. Saldana possesses strong judicial and legal experience. We set the highest standards for those we recommend to the President for nomination to the federal judiciary. Ms. Saldana has some of the finest qualities we expect in our judges,” Sen. Hutchison said. “I look forward to supporting her nomination and urging my colleagues to do likewise.”

Hutchison will oppose Sotomayor
(Republican - Texas) 07/28/09

Sen. Hutchison Meets With Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor
(Republican - Texas) 06/11/09
"I remain troubled by some of her judicial opinions and how her previous statements might impact future decisions. “One key concern is an opinion that Judge Sotomayor joined, following the D.C. v. Heller case, which suggested that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right, and is therefore not binding on the states. I specifically raised the question with Judge Sotomayor as to whether she believes that Second Amendment rights are fundamental."

Sen. Hutshison column: Judging Judges: Guarding Against Judicial Activism in our Highest Court
(Republican - Texas) 06/05/09
Discusses Judge Sonai Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination

Texas Republican Sens. Cornyn and Hutchison Recommendations to President George W. Bush For Future Judicial Vacancies
(Republican - Texas) 03/16/07
While George W. Bush was president, and John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison were Texas’s senators, five district court judges gave notice through future vacancies that they would leave their seat. Each time, the Texas senators made recommendations to Bush well before the vacancy became current.

Senators Hutchison, Cornyn Recommend O’Connor for Federal Judge
(Republican - Texas) 03/16/07
Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) today recommended that President Bush nominate Reed O’Connor to fill the federal district court vacancy that will be created in November when Chief Judge A. Joe Fish of the Northern District takes senior status later this year.

Sens. Cornyn & Hutchison recommend judicial nominee for future judicial vacancy
(Republican - Texas) 08/31/05
First Assistant U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle was recommended today to become the next U.S. attorney and Houston attorney Gray Miller to fill a vacancy on the federal bench in the Southern Judicial District. Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn sent the names to President George W. Bush, who will make the appointments.... Miller will replace U.S. District Judge Ewing Werlein Jr., who is scheduled to take senior status Dec. 31."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Floor Statement on Filibusters of Judicial Nominations
(Republican - Texas) 05/19/05
"Senator Reid is correct that nominees have received cloture votes, in an attempt to override filibusters. But requiring a 60-vote threshold to proceed to confirmation is not the Senate's practice.... The Senate Republicans have asked the minority to allow the Senate to vote , but they have refused and continue to vote no on cloture, thereby changing the Constitution without going through the process of a constitutional amendment. When the Constitution requires a supermajority, it is explicit. Just before the advise and consent part of the Constitution, it does have a standard of a two-thirds vote , but that was not put in the article on confirmation of judges. The clear constitutional interpretation is that if a supermajority is required, it is stated in the Constitution."

Sen. Hutchison Floor Speech
(Republican - Texas) 04/27/05
Being "standard of 60 votes instead of 51. That is changing the Constitution of the United States."

Sens. Cornyn & Hutchison recommend judicial nominee
(Republican - Texas) 05/20/04
Micaela Alvarez is reported to have been recommended by the senators

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Floor Statement on the Constitution and Judicial Nominations
(Republican - Texas) 11/12/03
"We need to adhere to the Constitution 100 percent of the time. The Constitution has always said, from its beginning, that we would have a majority required to confirm the judicial nominees of the President. Now, this is by implication, because when the Constitution meant to have a supermajority, it so stated."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Floor Statement on the Constitution, Filibusters, Votes and Judicial Nominees
(Republican - Texas) 05/07/03
"They have both received a majority vote of the Senate, but neither of them is confirmed because we are now being asked to have a 60-vote threshold for these qualified nominees. It is not right, and I think it goes against the Constitution and affects the balance of powers. ... We should give the President's nominees an up-or-down vote when they get out of the committee. The committee is there to have hearings, to question these nominees. If a person gets out of committee, that person deserves a vote on the floor. ... By clear omission, the Constitution does not require a supermajority for judicial nominees as it does for treaties. Congress has no right--it has no power, as outlined by the Constitution --to assume a different role in the nomination and confirmation of judges. A filibuster requiring 60 votes on a judicial nominee is beyond the intent of the Constitution."