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Sen. Lindsey Graham: Qualifications of Judicial Nominees Should Count More Than Politics
(Republican - South Carolina) 08/04/12
"I'm really worried about how we're doing confirmations," said Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee. "They're turning into political events. I'm a conservative, and I'd like conservative judges on the federal bench," Graham said, but if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November, then "his nominees are entitled to be confirmed as long as they're qualified." Expressing concerns that the confirmation process is becoming a litmus test for the political philosophies of nominees, Graham said, "The question is, are you qualified? It's stupid to pick on something you said in law school, and pick on this or pick on that. I'm not worried about judicial activism. I'm worried about Senate activism."

Sen. Lindsey Graham, ABA President Robinson Headline 2012 Opening Assembly
(Republican - South Carolina) 08/04/12
During Graham’s remarks, he also thanked the ABA for its judicial nominee rating system. “That service you provide the United States Senate is invaluable because in these politically charged times in which we live, you are a filter, sort of a wall, between people who are politically connected and somebody who should be on the bench. Thank you very much.” “If President Obama wins a second term, it is not appropriate for us to stop all of his nominees because we don’t adhere to his philosophy.” Graham said the real question is, “Are you qualified to be a judge?” Graham said that “an independent judiciary is the heart and soul of democracy,” but that it continues to be at risk in other ways, too. Among them is inadequate judicial salaries. “We need to pay judges more, not less,” he said.

Sen. Leahy lecture: “Restoring Trust in the Justice System: The Senate Judiciary Committee's Agenda In The 111th Congress”
(Democrat - Vermont) 02/09/09
"I believe this President’s appreciation for the courts will motivate him to nominate people of the highest caliber and qualifications. I have long supported a comprehensive judgeship bill, which is already 12 years overdue. We need to restore judicial pay and to honor the role that Federal judges play in our independent judiciary. "

Senator Leahy's 06/15/2007 Statement on S.1638
(Democrat - Vermont) 06/15/07
Senator Leahy's 06/15/2007 Statement on S.1638. A bill to adjust the salaries of Federal justices and judges, and for other purposes.