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Sen. Hatch Floor Speech "Highlights Repeated Abuses of Executive Authority by the Obama Administration"
(Republican - Utah) 04/30/14
"After the D.C. Circuit rightfully invalidated several key Administration actions as outside the bounds of federal law, the President sought to pack that court with compliant judges in order to obtain more favorable decisions."

Collins, King Hail Confirmation of Justice Levy to U.S. District Court
(Republican - Maine) 04/30/14
“Justice Levy has had a long career as an attorney and a judge in Maine, and his experience makes him well qualified for Maine’s federal district court,” said Senator Collins. “Justice Levy’s contributions to the Maine legal community and the juvenile justice system will give him a valuable perspective as a federal judge, and his extensive experience in private practice and on the bench makes him well qualified to serve on the federal district court in Maine.”

Sen. Ayotte: Supreme Court Decision Will Help Protect New Hampshire's Air Quality
(Republican - New Hampshire) 04/29/14
"Air pollution doesn't stop at state borders, and New Hampshire shouldn't be the tailpipe for pollutants from out-of-state power plants. Without this rule in place, New Hampshire would be unable to achieve national clean air standards because of air pollution that is outside of the state's regulatory control," said Senator Ayotte. "It's a matter of common sense to ensure that one state's emissions aren't unduly harming another state's air quality, and I'm pleased that the rule will move forward."

Sen. Moran Floor Statement on Daniel Crabtree District Court Nomination
(Republican - Kansas) 04/29/14
"He was reported out of the Judiciary Committee without opposition and is rated unanimously ``well qualified'' by the American Bar Association, which, in part, confirms my view that he would make an outstanding Federal judge. I actually have known this individual for more than 30 years .... He is worthy of our support today, but he is also someone who has my respect and admiration.... In fact, I can think of few others whom I have met in my time as a Senator but also my time as a practicing attorney in Kansas City who would fulfill the solemn duties of this position better than Dan Crabtree. I thank the President for nominating Dan Crabtree, and I ask my colleagues to join me in swiftly confirming him as a judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas."

Sens. Donnelly, Coats Announce Process to Fill Upcoming U.S. District Court Opening
(Republican - Indiana) 04/14/14
Donnelly said ... “I look forward to working with Senator Coats to review applications of qualified candidates to replace Judge Barker on the District Court."

Sens. Donnelly, Coats Announce Process to Fill Upcoming U.S. District Court Opening
(Republican - Indiana) 04/14/14
Coats said, ... “Federal judges are appointed for life and play a crucial role in our judicial system. One of my Constitutionally defined duties as a Senator is to provide advice and consent to the President on federal judicial nominees, and I take this responsibility seriously.”

Sen. Hatch Op-Ed: Protect the Senate’s important 'advice and consent' role
(Republican - Utah) 04/11/14
"The filibuster allows a minority of senators to delay a confirmation vote by preventing an end to debate. The so-called “blue slip” process allows senators from the state in which a judicial nominee would serve to influence whether that nominee is considered by the Judiciary Committee."

Sen. Cornyn on Michelle Friedland and other Judicial Nominations
(Republican - Texas) 04/10/14
"The history of most nominations is there's been a lot of bipartisan cooperation to process non-controversial nominations," Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, told the Washington Examiner after the floor fight. "This one, there is some controversy associated with it." ... "What happens is the majority leader wants to break the Senate rules, which they did by invoking the nuclear option, and then when we're trying to apply the rules allowing for 30 hours [debate] post-cloture, he somehow thinks that's an unreasonable position," Cornyn said. "So, I think there'd be a lot more bipartisan cooperation, so everybody could be accommodated, but for the extreme position taken on the nuclear option."

(Republican - Maine, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, Wisconsin) 04/04/14
17 Republican U.S. Senators from 12 states support 24 pending district and appeals court nominees & re-nominees (originally nominated last year) who would fill vacancies in their states

Sen. Heller after Judiciary Committee vote for District of Nevada judicial nominee Richard Boulware
(Republican - Nevada) 04/03/14
Boulware’s sponsor is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, and he also is being supported by Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller. Despite the opposition, “I’m still convinced (Boulware) is going to be a federal judge and I have no doubt he will be fine in the long run,” Heller said.

Sen. Cruz following Senate Judiciary Committee voice vote of Judge Gregg Costa Fifth Circuit nomination
(Republican - Texas) 03/27/14
Sen. Ted Cruz said that he expected Costa to sail through the Senate with strong bipartisan support. He commended the state’s Federal Judiciary Advisory Committee, formed by the two Texas Senators, for ensuring the quality of Texas judicial nominees. “Administrations, frankly of both parties, have sometimes tended to treat judicial nominations as political plum, rather than looking for a jurist of the highest caliber, integrity and judicial temperament,” he said.

Sen. Cornyn on Senate Judiciary Committee voice vote of Judge Gregg Costa Fifth Circuit nomination
(Republican - Texas) 03/27/14
“He represents exactly the kind of well qualified, consensus nominee that the Senate should confirm,” Cornyn said. “He will be a great addition to the 5th Circuit.” In a brief conversation after the vote, Cornyn said that he is confident that Costa will receive bipartisan support in front of the full Senate and hopeful that he will be confirmed quickly.

Sen. Crapo Floor Statement: Owens Nomination
(Republican - Idaho) 03/27/14
"Judge Trott took senior status on December 31, 2004, making the Trott seat the longest current vacancy of any seat on the Federal circuit courts.... This dispute is not about the qualifications of Mr. Owens. He has been rated unanimously well qualified by the American Bar Association, and I would be happy to work with the California delegation to support his nomination for the next California vacancy on the Ninth Circuit. But I cannot support a process that is the result of an unfair breaking of the Senate's rules in order to push through a nominee that takes away a seat that has been an Idaho seat on the Ninth Circuit for 25 years, leaving Idaho with only one seat on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Sadly, because of the Senate Democrats' rule change, the Idaho delegation will not have the opportunity to stop this effort. Therefore, I will vote no on this nomination, and my hope is that, if confirmed, Mr. Owens will make the same decision that Judge Trott did 25 years ago by also choosing to maintain his chambers in Idaho."

Sen. Toomey: Senate Confirms Pair Of PA Eastern District Judicial Nominees
(Republican - Pennsylvania) 03/26/14
"Congratulations to Gerald McHugh and Judge Edward Smith," said Senator Toomey. "Gerald McHugh is a lifelong Philadelphia resident who has more than three decades of private practice experience. He is also a community leader -- heading up terrific projects like the Hospitality House and the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network. I am confident he will excel as a federal judge and look forward to him joining our other talented federal jurists in Philadelphia. "Judge Edward Smith is a dedicated, intelligent jurist who has served as a judge on the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas for the past 12 years. Judge Smith has also served his country with distinction. He has been a member of the U.S. Navy for more than 30 years, earning a Bronze Star for his service in Iraq. Judge Smith's wealth of legal experience -- drawn from decades in public service and 11 years in private practice -- will serve the people of Pennsylvania well. I am pleased he will be sitting in Easton, which has gone without a federal judge since 2004. "Senator Casey and I have worked hard to select qualified jurists to fill vacancies on the bench in Pennsylvania. The approval of these two excellent candidates demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of our bipartisan system, which has led to the confirmation of 10 highly qualified men and women to the federal bench in Pennsylvania since I joined the Senate in 2011."

Sen. Toomey Floor Statement for SMITH AND MCHUGH NOMINATIONS
(Republican - Pennsylvania) 03/24/14
"I wish to be very clear that I am very enthusiastically in support of both Judge Ed Smith and Mr. Gerald McHugh, the two nominees, both of whom are likely to get a vote this week. If confirmed, they will serve as U.S. district judges for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. I thank Chairman Leahy and Ranking Member Grassley for their work in ushering these candidates through the committee process. I thank Leader Reid and Leader McConnell for their role in ensuring these nominees would have a chance to have a vote on the Senate floor. Most of all, I thank my colleague Senator Casey. Senator Casey and I have been working hard to fill a number of vacancies on the Federal bench in Pennsylvania since I got to the Senate."

Sen. Cruz on Judge Gregg Costa 5th Circuit nomination
(Republican - Texas) 03/13/14
Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Sen. Ted Cruz, said in an email that the senator “intends to support Judge Costa’s nomination.”

Georgia Senators on Middle District of Georgia Nominee Leslie Abrams
(Republican - Georgia) 03/12/14
A Chambliss aide said the White House didn't negotiate Abrams' nomination with Chambliss or Isakson, and neither senator had much to say about her when approached by The Huffington Post. "I don't know her. I don't know her at all," Chambliss said. "We will follow the normal course of our review of her." Isakson said he doesn't discuss judicial nominations, but said he'll put out a statement about Abrams at some point.

Sen. Heller: Richard Boulware Will Make an Excellent District Court Judge for the State of Nevada
(Republican - Nevada) 03/12/14
"I am honored to have the opportunity to address the Committee, once again, to express my support for my fellow Nevadan Richard Boulware to you this morning."

Sens. Casey & Toomey Introduce Third Circuit Nominee at Senate Judiciary Hearing
(Republican - Pennsylvania) 03/12/14
"I was honored to introduce Cheryl Krause during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting today," said Sen. Toomey. "Ms. Krause has amassed an impressive resume that includes both public service and private practice work. She has an unquestioned commitment to the law and I look forward to her joining our other talented federal jurists on the Third Circuit."

Sen. Hatch Floor Statement
(Republican - Utah) 03/11/14
"I express my strong support for the nomination of Carolyn B. McHugh to the Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.... I do have to say that this nomination could have been confirmed months ago.... The possibility of a filibuster had two effects. First, it suggested to the President that he might want to send more moderate nominees to the Senate. Second, it prompted the minority to cooperate with the majority in confirming noncontroversial nominees. ...Part of the process we used to have would have been confirming additional nominations before adjourning the first session of the Congress. The nomination before us would have been confirmed that way months ago--as well as a whole raft of other judges that we are now voting on ad seriatim. Instead, we are forced to do things in this new way. ... I wrote a Law Review article a number of years ago that I did not believe we should filibuster judicial nominations at all. That is why I voted ``present'' on so many of the President's judges, but there is no reason for me to do that anymore because the Democrats have changed the rules. They have broken the rules to change the rules, and so I might as well vote no along with the rest of the Republicans on some of these nominees--just as an expression that we don't like the way the Democrats are handling this matter. I have been, in the last few days, changing from ``present'' to no or yes depending upon the person."

Sen. Lee Floor Statement For Judge Carolyn McHugh Tenth Circuit Nomination
(Republican - Utah) 03/10/14
"I am confident, based on the knowledge she has acquired, the skills she has developed and honed over the years, and the commitment to public service she has displayed up to this point in her career, Judge McHugh will, in fact, excel as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. I strongly urge my colleagues to support her confirmation."

KY Sens. no comment on Kentucky Supreme Court justice in line for Court of Appeals job
(Republican - Kentucky) 03/10/14
Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Lisabeth Hughes Abramson of Louisville is being vetted by the FBI for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals’ 6th Circuit. Abramson, who has been on state high court since 2007, would be “a terrific appointment,” U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District, said Monday. ... U.S. Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., both had no comment, their spokesmen said. Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Denise Clayton said she knew about the potential appointment but couldn’t elaborate. She said she wasn’t surprised because Abramson is “incredibly capable.”

Pryor, Boozman Congratulate Timothy Brooks on Confirmation as U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Arkansas
(Republican - Arkansas) 03/05/14
“Timothy Brooks has the experience, background and temperament to unanimously qualify him for the job. I am confident that he will do an excellent job in this role and make Arkansas proud of his service,” Boozman said. [Link to Video of Floor statement]

Sen. Boozman Floor Statement
(Republican - Arkansas) 03/05/14
"I share my support for the nominee on whom we are about to vote. Judge Timothy Brooks has the experience, background, and temperament to unanimously qualify him for the position of district judge. I am proud to stand before my colleagues and offer my support of his confirmation. I am pleased that we have been able to act on this vacancy and hope that Judge Brooks will be easily confirmed much like Judge Moody was for the Eastern District of Arkansas seat last week. Again, these are highly qualified nominees. Judge Moody is a great fit for the Eastern District. I am confident Judge Brooks will complement him well in the Western District. One of the most important aspects of what we do in the Senate is the confirmation of judges, the process of selecting people with the right temperament and qualifications. I believe both Judge Moody and Judge Brooks will make excellent Federal judges and will make Arkansas proud."

Sen. Heller tweet on Nevada U.S. district court nominee
(Republican - Nevada) 02/28/14
"Pleased 2 sign blue slip 4 Richard Boulware, nominee for District Judge, District of NV.Look forward to supporting him at nomination hearing"

(Republican - Arizona) 02/27/14
“I am gratified by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s overwhelming support for the diverse and historic slate of nominees for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. With the Committee’s action today, Arizona is one big step closer to having the emergency vacancies on that court filled with well-qualified judges. These nominees are the product of cooperation, consensus and careful deliberation, supported by the views a non-partisan judiciary evaluation commission. I look forward to their timely consideration and confirmation by the full Senate.”

U.S. Sens. Pryor, Boozman Applaud Confirmation of Judge Jay Moody as U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas
(Republican - Arkansas) 02/25/14
“Judge Moody’s legal career demonstrates his pursuit of justice. I believe his experience makes him a great fit for U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas and I am confident that he will continue to pursue the interest of the law during his service on the bench,” Boozman said.