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Sen. Coburn quote in article about D.C. Circuit nominees
(Republican - Oklahoma) 09/19/13
Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma also says it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. "We have a lot of circuits that have a whole lot of stuff to do that don't have the capability, and we got the D.C. Circuit that doesn't have enough to do, and we ought to put money where we need judges," he says.

Senators Collins, King Statement on Nomination of Jon Levy to U.S. District Court for Maine
(Independent, Republican - Maine) 09/19/13
“During his long and distinguished career as both an attorney and a judge, Jon has had a significant impact on the Maine judicial system by virtue of his intelligence and tireless service to the court,” said Senators Collins and King in a joint statement. “Jon’s qualifications and contributions to the Maine legal community make him an ideal candidate for this judgeship. Jon’s nomination deserves bipartisan support, and we look forward to introducing him to our colleagues in the Senate as soon as possible.”

Sen. Ayotte Statement on Judiciary Committee Voice Vote for Landya McCafferty District Court Nomination
(Republican - New Hampshire) 09/19/13
“Judge McCafferty is well-respected in New Hampshire and well-qualified to serve on the federal bench. I’m pleased that the Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to advance her nomination, and I look forward to voting for her confirmation when it reaches the full Senate,” said Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, in a statement. “I hope Senate leadership will move quickly to bring Judge McCafferty’s nomination to a final vote.”

Sen. Sessions quoted on D.C. Circuit nominees at Commitee vote on Pillard nomination
(Republican - Alabama) 09/19/13
As Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama puts it: "We do not need all three circuit judges. I'm not sure we need any."

Sen. Boozman testimony supporting nomination of Timothy L. Brooks for U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas
(Republican - Arkansas) 09/11/13
Senator Boozman showed his support for Timothy L. Brooks, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Arkansas before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.[Video Link]

Sen. Grassley Statement on Valerie Caproni district court nomination and pace of judicial confirmations
(Republican - Iowa) 09/09/13
"At the time we reported her nomination out of Committee, I stated that while I would not hold her nomination in Committee, I reserved my right to do so on the Senate floor. So now, even though I have consented to the vote going forward, I will not support the nomination."

Sen. Rubio spokeswoman on Rubio blocking hearing for judicial nominee he initially supported
(Republican - Florida) 09/04/13
"Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have had objections to Judge Davis, and those should be taken seriously and reviewed thoroughly before moving forward," said Brooke Sammon, a Rubio spokeswoman, in a statement this week.

Sen. Toomey on 60 vote thresholds
(Republican - Pennsylvania) 08/20/13
"On our side, we've been guilty of establishing a 60-vote threshold more often than we should," Toomey said. "On the other side, I'm certain that [Majority Leader Harry Reid] has blocked our ability to offer amendments much more often than he should." Though Toomey said he was still working through his thoughts on the issue, he said Republicans should be more willing to let debate begin without requiring 60 votes, but that final passage of major legislation should still require a so-called supermajority, with more consideration of amendments offered by the minority party. "Big, important things ought to require a broader consensus," Toomey said.”

[Sen.] Heller: Yucca Mountain Should Be “Taken off the Table” Responds to D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling on Yucca Mountain
(Republican - Nevada) 08/13/13
“The designation of Nevada as the nation’s nuclear waste dump was wrong in 1987 and is still wrong today. Today’s decision serves as yet another example of why Yucca Mountain needs to be taken off the table once and for all. This ruling is an exercise in futility that will ultimately waste resources that could be better used elsewhere. Instead of continuing to try to force Yucca Mountain on the people of Nevada, my colleagues should focus on moving forward towards a new process that will allow for consent-based siting,"

ID Senators on Owens Nomination
(Republican - Idaho) 08/05/13
Idaho's Republican senators, James E. Risch and Michael D. Crapo, claim Trott's seat for their state. "We find the [Owens] nomination unacceptable. The dispute is not resolved. These issues are still ongoing," said Crapo spokesman Lindsay Northern on Friday. He said Crapo had met with Obama administration lawyers earlier to try to break the impasse. "Then they went ahead and put up someone from a different state," Northern said. Risch said in an emailed statement, "This has been a serious issue over a number of years and this appointment does not resolve that issue. We will have more to say about this in the future."

Sen. Toomey: Casey, Toomey Applaud Nomination of McHugh, Smith to U.S. District Court for the Eastern District
(Republican - Pennsylvania) 08/02/13
"I am happy that the President nominated Gerald McHugh and Judge Edward Smith to be district court judges in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania," said Sen. Toomey. "The selection of two well-qualified candidates demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of the Sen. Casey's and my bipartisan system for selecting judges." "Gerald McHugh has a wealth of legal experience gained from more than three decades in private practice. I am confident he will excel as a federal judge - presiding with thoughtfulness and integrity. I look forward to him joining our other talented federal jurists in Philadelphia." "In his 11 years on the bench in Northampton County, Judge Edward Smith has presided over numerous civil and criminal cases. He is also a 27-year veteran of the United States Navy and serves as a military trial judge, presiding over military proceedings at Navy and Marine Corps bases throughout the world. Judge Smith will sit in the Easton courthouse, which has lacked a sitting federal judge since 2004, thus ensuring that the people of the northern Lehigh Valley will once again have close, ready access to the federal judiciary. He is a dedicated, intelligent jurist and I am confident he will live up to the very highest standards." "Sen. Casey and I have worked together in a bipartisan fashion to confirm eight highly qualified men and women to district courts in Pennsylvania since I joined the Senate in 2011. I am confident that these nominees will live up to these ideals and hope that the Senate confirms them in a timely manner."

Sen. Moran Signals Support for Kansan Judicial Nominees: After many months of serious negotiations with the White House, I am pleased we were able to come to an agreement. The President has sent the Senate two highly qualified candidates
(Republican - Kansas) 08/01/13
Daniel D. Crabtree of Kansas City, Kan., has been nominated to the United States District Court for the District of Kansas, and Justice Nancy L. Moritz of Topeka, Kan., and the Kansas Supreme Court has been nominated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. "Providing advice and consent of Presidential nominees is one of the most important roles of the United States Senate and a responsibility that I take seriously," Sen. Moran said. "After many months of serious negotiations with the White House on the importance of filling these vacancies, I am pleased we were able to come to an agreement. The President has sent the Senate two highly qualified candidates. Dan Crabtree is a one of Kansas’ most accomplished legal minds and has had a distinguished career in litigation. Nancy Moritz’ professional credentials and commitment to the Rule of Law are well documented. I intend to support confirmation for both Mr. Crabtree and Justice Moritz."

Sen. Collins on nominees to fill D.C. Circuit vacancies
(Republican - Maine) 08/01/13
Sahil Kapur: “I am a supporter of Senator Grassley’s bill to reallocate the judgeships,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told TPM. “But that obviously is not going to pass, so I will consider each of the judges on the basis of his or her merits.”

Wisconsin Senators Recommend Judicial Nominees to White House for Wisconsin's Western District Court
(Republican - Wisconsin) 08/01/13
“I really appreciate all the energy and time spent by the bipartisan Judicial Commission to help examine the numerous highly qualified candidates that applied to serve the state of Wisconsin as a Federal Judge. The hard work by the Commissioners and the State Bar will benefit the Western District for years to come,” Johnson said. “I also want to especially thank Senator Baldwin for working with me to set up the Commission and fill this important judicial vacancy in a balanced, bipartisan way. This is a win for the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Sen. Wicker: Debra Brown Judicial Nomination Advances: Cochran, Wicker Supported Judiciary Committee Approval of Nominee for U.S. District Court Seat
(Republican - Mississippi) 08/01/13
“The Judiciary Committee’s swift approval of Judge Brown is a testament to her character and high qualifications as a jurist,” Wicker said. “Her appointment to the federal bench is a historic moment, and I consider it a personal and high honor to assist in her confirmation.”

Sen. Cochran: DEBRA BROWN JUDICIAL NOMINATION ADVANCES: Cochran, Wicker Supported Judiciary Committee Approval of Nominee for U.S. District Court Seat
(Republican - Mississippi) 08/01/13
“I appreciate the Judiciary Committee’s work on her nomination, and will urge my colleagues in the Senate to confirm Debra Brown as a member of the United States federal judiciary,” Cochran said. “Debra Brown is well-qualified to serve Mississippi and the nation in this position on the federal bench.”

Sen. McCain on filibusters and nominees to fill D.C. Circuit vacancies
(Republican - Arizona) 08/01/13
Sahil Kapur: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told TPM on Wednesday that he would support cloture on the nominees unless there were “extraordinary circumstances” that merited a filibuster.

Sen. Thune on pending D.C. Circuit nominees
(Republican - South Dakota) 07/30/13
Sahil Kapur: "Asked Tuesday in the Capitol if he believes Obama’s three D.C. Circuit picks deserve up or down votes, No. 3 Republican Sen. John Thune (SD) told TPM, “Well, hopefully they’ll get votes.” Thune’s spokeswoman AshLee Strong hedged his remark shortly afterward, saying that “Senator Thune believes that any qualified nominee deserves consideration in the Senate, but the Senate’s focus should be voting on judges for circuit courts across this country that have more vacancies and heavier caseloads than the D.C. Circuit.” That leaves room for a filibuster."

Sen. Cornyn on nominees to fill D.C. Circuit vacancies
(Republican - Texas) 07/27/13
Are these judges really necessary, except to promote Obama’s power play?

Sen. Ayotte Urges Swift Confirmation of Landya McCafferty as New Hampshire Federal District Court Judge
(Republican - New Hampshire) 07/24/13
"Judge McCafferty's extensive federal court experience - including her service as U.S. Magistrate Judge for the District of New Hampshire for the past three years - makes her well-qualified for this position on the federal bench. I look forward to supporting her confirmation and I urge my colleagues to act swiftly to approve her nomination."

Sens. Cornyn, Cruz Announce Application Process for Texas Judgeships: Invite Qualified Attorneys to Seek Appointment for Vacancies in Southern, Eastern, Western Districts
(Republican - Texas) 07/22/13
“Texans deserve the finest legal minds and ablest professionals to serve as U.S. District Judges throughout our state’s federal judicial districts,” said Sen. Cornyn. “Public service is a great calling, and, as a former judge, I encourage everyone who is interested in servingin these important positions to apply.” “This FJEC panel will ensure Texans have the best, most qualified judges and prosecutors defending their rights in court,” said Sen. Cruz.“We have an abundant pool of qualified legal experts in Texas who would serve our state well, and I look forward to seeing an exceptional group of applicants pursue these important judicial positions.”

Sen. Chambliss on Georgia federal court vacancies
(Republican - Georgia) 07/20/13
"For one reason or another, the White House has been slow in acting, and for whatever reason we've been a little slow in acting," Chambliss said last week. "We're still working on it, and we hope to reach an agreement."

Sen. Barrasso: Don’t Change the Rules to Break the Rules
(Republican - Wyoming) 07/15/13
"Republicans have raised principled objections to a select few of the President’s nominees. “In other cases, such as the D.C. Circuit Court, we simply want to apply the standard that the Democrats had set—that the Court’s workload doesn’t justify the addition of three more judges. “The President claims his nominees have been treated unfairly.... “The Democrats aren’t happy with the rulings by the D.C. Circuit Court, and they want to avoid any more inconvenient questions about the Obama Administration."

Sen. Hatch on filibusters of judicial nominees
(Republican - Utah) 07/14/13
"I continue to vote against filibusters with regard to judicial nominations because I think it's a principled position. I actually think the president, whoever the president may be ought to have the full choice of who they put on the bench. And unless there's just some overwhelming reason why somebody should never be on the bench."

Sen. Cruz: Any Effort to Pack D.C. Circuit Court Should be Decried
(Republican - Texas) 07/10/13
"I think any effort to pack the court because the Administration doesn’t like the outcomes of judges applying the law fairly should be decried.”

Sen. Cruz statement to Patricia Millett at her D.C. Circuit nomination Committee hearing
(Republican - Texas) 07/10/13
"You are a talented and skilled appellate advocate... who has earned high respect"

Sen. Wicker Recommends Debra Brown for Judicial Post
(Republican - Mississippi) 07/10/13
“Judge Brown will be an outstanding addition to the federal bench,” Wicker said. “She has represented accomplishment and excellence her entire life. Ms. Brown will be good for the country and the people of Mississippi. I consider it a personal and high honor to recommend her to Senate Judiciary Committee and look forward to her confirmation.” If confirmed, Ms. Brown would be the first African-American female Article III judge in Mississippi. [VIDEO link]