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Judging the Environment judicial nominations photo

A project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.



Defenders of Wildlife 

Congressional Research Service:  President Obama’s First-Term U.S. Circuit and District Court Nominations: An Analysis and Comparison with Presidents Since Reagan, (05/03/13)


White House Blog INFOGRAPHIC: Record Judicial Diversity, Record Judicial Delays 

On March 19, 2015, the Judicial Conference submitted its request for 73 new judgeships and the conversion of nine temporary ones into permanent judgeships.

US Courts: Judicial Vacancies Current Vacancies Future Vacancies Judicial Emergency Vacancies

Senate Judicary Committee 113th Congress: Nomination Materials Judicial Nominations and Confirmations

DOJ Website: Judicial Vacancies & Nominations Charts & More

American Constitution Society's website Maps of current & known future District & Circuit vacancies & Composition of Circuit courts

American Bar Association Judicial Vacancies and Ratings for Judicial Nominees

Alliance for Justice’s Pending Nominees SnapshotCalendar, and Vacancies Without Nominees & Judicial Emergency Maps

Senate Executive Calendar of Nominations Awaiting Floor Votes

Constitutional Accountability Center (previously the Community Rights CounselCommunity Rights Counsel was a partner on the Judging the Environment project. Visit CRC's archived website for additional useful materials, including a report jointly released by Earthjustice, Community Rights Counsel, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Alliance for Justice, documenting the threat that anti-environmental judicial activists sitting on the federal bench pose to protections for our air, water, and land.  

Environmental Law Institute's Endangered Environmental Laws Program
More information on environmentalists' concerns about the need for a a fair, independent judiciary.


Justice Scalia's "Slash and Burn" Attack on Access to the Courts
(article by Earthjustice Senior Editor Tom Turner, 4/27/05)

"Advice And Consent"
The Senate's Constitutional Role On Judicial Appointments

Environmental and public interest coalition call for a bipartisan commission to amicably and fairly resolve the current differences between the White House and Michigan’s Senators over Michigan 6th Circuit vacancies (7/29/03)

Letter from environmental coalition resubmitting to current Congress & Judiciary Committee 9/27/02 letter on the importance of the DC Circuit and the need to carefully review nominees (1/28/03)

Editorial on new DC Circuit nominations "should await a more comprehensive understanding of its needs" (The Washington Post, 12/19/02)

Hostile Environment: How Activist Judges Threaten Our Air, Water, and Land Report documents the threat that anti-environmental judicial activists sitting on the federal bench pose to protections for our air, water, and land (2001).


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